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I appreciate 1) that I am seen almost immediately when I make an appointment 2) I can call him on his cell and get an answer within 30 minutes. 3) helped my husband so much when he had pneumonia 4) he was on the money about a medicine another doctor had recommended he take.

~ Current Membership patient, August 2019

As a concierge patient for five years, I really appreciate Dr Liederbach and the attentive care that I receive in this practice. It is so reassuring to know that I can quickly get an appointment and that Dr Liederbach is only a text or a phone call away in an emergency. Dr Liederbach has taken the time to get to know me and consultations are always thorough, never rushed, with all concerns addressed. I am so pleased to have Dr Liederbach as my doctor and having the concierge service brings great peace of mind.

~ “Anonymous”Membership patient, August 2019

After years of frustration with the “gatekeeper” primary physician practice, I decided to explore the concierge model. When interviewing Dr. Liederbach, I felt I had found a partner in my health care and I have not been disappointed. Not only does he devote the time to listen, he devotes his expertise to consider what the next steps should be and he takes a lead role in the process. By exploring more simple, common sense options first, establishing critical baseline data about my general health, taking a macro view of previous testing and health issues, I feel like I’ve returned to the old days of having a doctor who knows me and is genuinely interested in my health and peace of mind. Dr. Liederbach engages in the PRACTICE of medicine, not the BUSINESS of medicine.

~ Miss Sandi,Membership patient

August 9, 2019

To all interested patients,

My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Liederbach for over 5 years new.
Before I retired, we lived in seven different states with countless medical professionals. We have NEVER received the level of care, follow-up and attention that we receive with Dr. Steve.
This exceptional care includes same day or next day appointments and unlimited access to Dr. Steve.
Access includes phone calls, text and the on-line patient portal with all of your medical records.
Without exception, we highly recommend Dr. Liederbach to all interested patients.

~ Rick and Jo Ann Landry,Membership patients

Dr Liederbach has been a God send and lifesaver for me! I was in a wheelchair from a crippling spinal condition that caused problems with my back, hip, leg and foot which led to a major back surgery at the Phoenix, AZ Mayo Clinic to get me walking again. After a year in rehab, working with the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, I was declared disabled and wanted to come home to Wilmington, NC. Which then prompted a search in Wilmington for a Primary Care Physician that would take the time to learn and understand what’s going on with my body and the constant pain I suffer with. It also meant finding a doctor that would listen to me and what I’m feeling. My spinal/nerve condition and needs were and still are, severe! I’m only 55 years old now and want to continue to walk the rest of my life but the pain often makes that very difficult. With all the issues over pain medications, we hear about everyday in the news, I needed and have to have, a doctor that cares and listens so he can understand, me and what’s going on with me! I found that in Dr Liederbach. He’s always there for me and willing to listen and help, anytime I’ve ever needed him. I feel I’m very blessed to have found Dr Steve!!!


Dr. Timothy Fussell,Membership patient

I want to let you know how pleased I am to have chosen you as my doctor. As you know my goal was to be pain free and have plenty of energy for our 50thanniversary trip this year.

We are leaving Sunset Beach next Wednesday for the trip and I feel ready and able to have a wonderful time. I am not the hurting, stiff patient that came to you initially. I have a good pain management plan, my blood pressure stays in a healthy range and I continue to lose several pounds each week. I am so glad to be off some of the meds I was on when I came to you.

I have not needed to see you in a while but it is very reassuring to be a part of your Membership Plan and know you are available when needed.


Linda Hester,Membership patient

I have been a concierge patient of Dr. Liederbach for over 5 years. It is the best money I have invested in myself and my well-being. Prior to moving to Wilmington, I had a doctor who was a semi-concierge’s doctor and I loved it. I loved having someone who truly cared about my health issues and spent time with me.

Dr. Liederbach has been through a few health issues with me over the past couple of years and it was such a comfort to me to be able to text him or call his cell and discuss what my issue was at that time. I have had to call him on both Thanksgiving Day and Christmas day due to an urgent health issue. He was never upset that I interrupted his time and was able to keep me out of the Emergency Room.

I love having him help me with anything that is going on with my health with patience and kindness. He is the best.

I think in today’s medical environment it is paramount to have a doctor that knows you personally and understands all your issues and helps you stay healthy. Dr. Liederbach knows that I don’t want to ever have to go to an ER and he listens to me and never rushes me or assumes I don’t know what I am talking about.

In summary, having a concierge doctor such as Dr. Liederbach is worth the extra money and in the long run it will save you money. He has brought me peace of mind, great care and the knowledge that his main goal is to keep me healthy.

~ Sissy Weisbrook, August 9, 2019

Membership patient since 2013

I have been my mother’s caretaker since 2009 and have often been with her when she has seen Dr. Liederbach. After being cared for by the same internist for 27 years, we were a little apprehensive about using a “new doctor” but were very pleased from the first examination. This May, mom had a bad fall and needed surgery. We selected the rehab facility solely based on where we could have access to Dr. Liederbach. Even though she’s 95, she responded quite well. But one week after discharge, she fell again and was more severely injured. The NHMC physicians recommended hospice, but they were full. Fortunately, Dr. Liederbach treated my mom instead – and her recovery was miraculous.

Each time my mother was in the hospital her attending physicians were so pleased with her medication routine, nothing was ever changed. During my mom’s care, I have had many hours to interact with other caregivers, patients and staff. The only complaint I’ve ever heard was one of regret if they ever had to leave Dr. Liederbach’s care.

I worked thirty-one years in Wilmington as a health care professional and have never had more respect than I have for this physician.

~ Virginia Smith, BS, MT (ASCP)
Wilmington, NC

Dr. Liederbach is a knowledgeable, patient, compassionate physician. He listens well and always takes the time to answer my questions and address my concerns. He is one of only a very few physicians that I would highly recommend.”

~ June Lester
Wilmington, NC

Thank you Dr. Liederbach! Relocating my elderly parents from their rural single family home to an urban retirement community was frightening for them for many reasons, not least of which was changing medical doctors from old familiar providers to new unknown doctors. Fortunately, we met Dr. Stephen Liederbach and my parents and I felt instantly comforted by his friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable approach to providing comprehensive family medical care. His expertise working with elderly patients extended to adjustments in lifestyle issues as well as all the medically necessary components.

~ Everette Howard

Dr. Liederbach has been an invaluable resource to my parents and to our family as we have dealt with everyday challenges of aging as well as crises in medical care. Now there are two generations of our family receiving excellent medical care and family support from Dr. Liederbach as my wife and I happily entrust our medical care to his proven and caring expertise.

We will always be grateful to Dr. Liederbach for his medical expertise and for his great humanity in providing excellent care to my parents and support for our family.”

~ Everett and Joanne Howard
Topsail Beach, NC

My 98 year old elderly friend loves Dr. Liederbach and always looks forward to her appointments with him. Despite her hearing difficulties, he always takes time to talk to her. He is patient and takes time to explain her condition to me, answer my questions, and check any new symptoms that I ask him about. She is well on her way to a hundred. Thank you Dr. Liederbach.”

~ G. Varnum
Wilmington, NC


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